Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The World is Your Market

So far DXN is already operating over 151 countries since in 1993 that started in Malaysia. DXN is a modern grocery store. Its mission is to promote "Good Health to the World" through the Good and High Quality Products and it offers Business Opportunity to anyone regardless his/her profession and career.

Types of Consumers
Three Methods that Generate Income at DXN
How to become a DXN member?
Benefits of a DXN Member
Types of Consumers
There are two types of Consumers: (1) Regular Consumers (2) Wise Consumers

The Regular Consumers are people who are loyal to purchasing grocery items from supermarkets and grocery stores without receiving any awards from the store owners. Their expenses are categorized as "Monthly Expenses".

The Wise Consumers are the DXN members. They enjoy a "Lifetime Privilege Card" which is recognized worldwide and "Cash Discount" from 15% to 25% from all the items purchased from the DXN centers around the world.

To become a DXN Wise Consumer is simply and easy to follow. One should start to change the brands of products that he is normally using or consuming everyday. Example: Juices and beverages, personal care and skin care, food supplements (Vitamins & Minerals) to DXN Healthy Products.

Why you should change your grocery items to DXN products?

DXN products are good and high quality compared to other commercial products. They are manufactured with special ingredients with 200 active elements that help invigorating our body system. From purchasing DXN products you will earn points. And for every 100 points value (PV) earned per month is subject for cash rebates.

Why DXN has no Advertisement?

DXN is a Network Marketing – Its distributors are paid to promote, distribute and to sell its products and services to people.
Three Methods that Generate Income at DXN
(1) Usage Business – Being a DXN Wise Consumer you will enjoy the benefits of good and healthy products and a lifetime discounts of 15% – 25%. You will earn points everytime you purchase DXN items for personal use and those points earned are subject for cash rebates.

(2) Recommendation Business (Extra Income) – By endorsing the products to people (consumers/customers) you will earn a retail profits from 15% – 25% of every product purchased including its points value.

(3) Invitation Business (Career Opportunity) – Invite your friends, friends of friends. Teach them how to become DXN Wise Consumer Members. The moment they became DXN members you will earn commission from all the items purchased from DXN grocery stores.
How to become a DXN member?
You must be 18 yrs. old and above either male or female of any nationality. You will be sponsored by a DXN member who invited you. You will fill up the Distributor Application Form.
Benefits of a DXN Member

(1) Lifetime membership (one-time) no renewal
(2) International Sponsoring
(3) Residual Income
(4) Generous Compensation Plan
(5) No timeframe in achieving Position
(6) Cellphone Incentive – PHp 10,500/SR.850 (one time)
(7) Travel Incentive – Php 70,000/SR.5,800 (one time)
(8) Inheritance – Transferable membership

For your inquiries - you may leave your messages here or send email to:, or send SMS to Mobile#: +966533475056. You can also follow ManOfTwit on Twitter for updates regarding DXN Business and its Wellness and Healthy Products.

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