Saturday, September 4, 2010

DXN Wellness Products Presentation

GANODERMA LUCIDUM is recognized as the “King of Herbs” with 200 active ingredients that helps fight against: Cancer, skin rashes, mentrual cramps, menopausal problems, high blood pressure, hypertension, hematoma, nasal problems, urination difficulties, frequent urination, arthritis, rheumatism, gastric hyperacidity, peptic ulcer, impotency, chronic bronchitis, insomia, tumor, chronic hepatitis, food poisoning, liver cirrhosis, varicose veins, renal diseases, tuberculosis, constipation, bronchitis, migraine, sinusitis, obesity, aging, diabetes and kidney stones.

Please watch the DXN video on DXN Wellness Products Presentation - Courtesy of  DXNPOWERMEMBER (Training Department Philippines).

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