Thursday, October 13, 2011

Pruelpo Shares Wikinut Had Become The Most Visited Site

Wikinut-Logo-Image-via-Wikinut-Site Wikinut is not an advertising site, a news site or a social networking site. The site is just a plain friendly publishing site that accepts articles of different subject topics written by authors from around the world. Now Wikinut becomes the most visited site and had become one of the favorite sites for the hungry and thirsty search engines crawlers.

My heart beats faster to see the 907 views. My first feeling was I am speechless when I log-on at Wikinut this morning. Everyday when I visited Wikinut, the first thing I had to look at is my Wikinut Stats. Why? My daily views suggest many things such as:

  1. How I can improve my writing capabilities?
  2. How to write articles with relevant and quality contents?
  3. What tools and methods I should use to help attract traffics?
  4. What to do to get more views?
  5. How to share my articles to other networks without spamming?

Full Story: Pruelpo Shares Wikinut Had Become The Most Visited Site

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