Saturday, September 4, 2010

JOB is only Temporary but DXN will be Your Lifetime Business

Not long ago, the DXN Managers, its Diamonds and other Top Leaders in Riyadh, KSA have organized an English Camp Leadership Training and Seminar, held in Al-Mutlaq Hotel near Old Airport Road, Riyadh, City. The said event was attended by approximately 100 people of different nationalities such as Filipinos, Sudanese, Nepalese, Hindis and other Nationals, and myself.

DXN Boot Camp_1 One of the speakers of the event has emphatically emphasized that Job is only TEMPORARY. When an employee became incapacitated, he loses his job. His job cannot be transferred to his loved ones. There’s no financial freedom in job. He has no time freedom to enjoy and has a very limited growth.

(This photo was taken last April 9, 2010 – from left paul pruel in khaki polo and edwin mamaril in white polo, who is my upline). 

He further said that DXN, aside from job, is another opportunity that helps reach our dreams come true. It can be done part time or full time – it does not need to leave your job to do the business. One will enjoy a Lifetime membership (one-time) no renewal, International Sponsoring, Residual Income, Generous Compensation Plan, No timeframe in achieving Position, Cell phone Incentive – $227 (one time), Travel Incentive – $1,547 (one time), Inheritance – Transferable membership. 

He further enumerated the top ten reasons why a person, at least who is 18-year old and above, any nationalities(male/female) should be involved into DXN business:

1. There is no risk in DXN – unlike any traditional businesses and franchise offers that you need at least hundreds of thousands up to millions to start.

2. Very Low Start Up – you can start your own DXN MLM business for  less than $100 with product samples, product catalogue, price list and Global Membership ID Card.

3. Pressure Free – there is no time and work pressure or any boss that will harass at you like what you might experience in the corporate world. In DXN you are the boss.

4. Global Marketing System – the business coverage is worldwide and entitles a member to receive international checks from the marketing plan with just a single membership.

5. The Products are Globally Accepted – high demand products that are consumables. They are certified natural and organic by various international approving bodies. The product lines ranges from Cosmetics, Personal Care, Beverages, Juices, Food Supplements and many more.

6. No Boundary – you can do the business wherever you are regardless of a person’s nationality. Anyone can join as long as he/she is at least 18 years old of age.

7. Unlimited Income Potential – though there is no risks involve, however, the income potential is unlimited.

8. It Can Be Done Part Time or Full Time – it does not need to leave your job to do the business.

9. DXN is Very Strong and Stable Company – with integrity and guaranteed monthly payout since 1993. The company has market presence in over 151 countries worldwide and still growing.

10. You will Learn Business Skills – Robert Kiyosaki taught us that MLM or Network Marketing is a Business School where you learn and enhance your business skills at no costs.

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