Tuesday, November 9, 2010

How Do Blogsites Attract Traffics to Your other Pages?


If you are a blogger at least you are maintaining blog sites - one, two or ten more blog sites everyday. Your blog sites are great help to bring traffics aside from twitter, facebook and other social networks. Your blog sites will help promote whatever article published at the sites you're contributing.

So far, I am maintaining at least three blogsites at wordpress and six blogsites at blogger. My personal blogsites helped me much for promoting my articles posted at triond, bukisa, wikinut and at allvoices.

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The titles, tags and descriptions of my blog sites are also helpful to attract traffics and viewers. So I would have need to create an attractive blog sites. I included music, videos, mp3s, photos and other things attractive to the eyes of my visitors. And also turned my articles to mp3 too.

Every time I shared my published article from those websites I am writing with a short summary of it and its URL link on my blog sites at You Love Cool Things Too, Fancy World, Health is Wealth, Hit–Daxen, Just Obey Boss, King of Herbs, Proud Pinoy, WellCome and at The Creator traffics flushed on those websites.

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