Wednesday, October 27, 2010

How to Deal with Spammers and Scammers Professionally?

Everyday my mail boxes at hotmail, yahoo and gmail are always full of unsolicited spams from people I don’t know. Although they are spams or scams I don’t delete them. Instead, I saved them in a folder with marked spams.

We have to understand and even to accept it that spammers, scammers and other hoaxers are using internet and World Wide Web to look for victims. They are everywhere. Some of them are using forum groups and other egroups, twitter and other social networks to spot for their next victims. And we should not be surprised also that anything we sent off to internet either they’re personally or privately posted, still they can be accessed by other net users through the power of search engine. I, myself had proven it.

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How to Deal with Spammers and Scammers Professionally?

How to stop them?  By deleting spams at your spams section could not stop them. Based from my experience and the method I used to stop them from sending unsolicited mails to my mail box, I faced them politely, friendly and professionally by replying them. When I read their messages, I could not identify its senders’ addresses but when I replied them, it was yahoo who helped me identified the senders’ emails addresses.

My reply reads “I am happy to receive your communication Mr. or Mrs. so and so, and I am interested and very willing to engage business with you. For the meantime visit this link (the link going to my blog article) it caters all the information you needed.” And before ending my email letter, I would write, “Also I would request you to deposit at least 100$ to my PayPal account. Better if you can send the money today to my PayPal account so that we can start our business early.” That method seemed very effective for me. It helped stopped them sending spams.

And the reason why I don’t delete spams – I considered them as mine of great ideas to write!

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