Monday, May 16, 2011

Philip Caruso and His Piano

Music plays a very important part of Philip Caruso’s life. He has a great passion for playing the piano and he loves to share it to people.

Philip Caruso was born and raised in China. Now he is in New Zealand studying Accountancy at the University of Canterbury in Christchurch.

He has always wanted to learn to play the piano since his childhood. But his parent opposed him. They thought playing the piano would only disturb his study. So he never had the chance to learn piano in his home country.

However, when he arrived in New Zealand, he also took up lessons on piano.

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He said, “I tried to practice the piano at least two hours every day when I am at home. The person who inspired and motivated me to learn the piano was one of the world’s remarkable Pianist Lang Lang (郎朗) who is also a Chinese national. I am a great fan of Lang Lang. His passion for playing  piano and his childhood story really inspired me a lot.”

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