Saturday, May 21, 2011

Charice Pempengco Needs Bodyguards

Because of Charice undiminished popularity, many young and energetic guys out there are interested to work with Charice to become her personal bodyguards to oversee of her overall safety 24/7. These interested applicants are now starting sending applications electronically. The applicants are vying one another through massive submission of well written resumes.

I have no connection with Charice Pempengco. But I admit she’s one of my favorite young divas nowadays. Yesterday, I was surprised to receive an application from a certain applicant (his name is withheld) was wrongfully sent off to my email address.

For her safety, there is nothing wrong for Ms. Charice Pempengco to hire personal bodyguards though she should not just depend on the resumes she will receive. She needs to consider the following qualities for an applicant like Honesty, Integrity and Trustworthy or HIT.

Full Story Charice Pempengco: The Pride of Philippines Needs Bodyguards

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