Monday, February 21, 2011

Thrift and Industry are Virtues to be Exploited and to be Admired

The thrift and industry always go hand in hand. They are virtues that will heal our hearts, homes and nations. The thrift and labor of the people make a home, a nation, a community and make a family strong and independent.

What is Thrift and Industry?

Thrift is all about economical management also known as frugality which is the practice of acquiring goods and services in a restrained manner. Here Frugal living is practiced by those who aim to cut expenses, have more money and get the most they possibly can from their money. Industry is all about hard work – devoted activity at any work or task or diligence of a person.

The Importance of Saving

When my father was still alive, he often told us about the importance of saving. He always reminded us the old saying “The hard works of a person is nothing when he does not know how to save”. When I got married twenty-four years ago, what I learned from my father, I also taught it to my children that includes also about financial planning and budgeting.

I Love Teaching My Children

Until now I am teaching my children the importance on how to manage their funds and other resources. They would have to learn them and improve their financial intelligence on how to making more money, protecting their money, budgeting their money, leveraging their money and to improving their financial information because I believe the knowledge that they will learn today will be useful for their future.

Labor Do Nations Become Stronger

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Image via Wikipedia

Nothing of real substance comes without work. Nothing happens in this world until there is work. Only through labor do nations become stronger, cities become more attractive, families become more tightly knit and lives become more robust. If we are to build another great generation, we must work with vision and with faith.

The Age of Fun

We learned that various periods of humanity have been denoted as ages – the age of stone, the age of iron, the age of industry. Now the present age is described as the age of fun. The reason is that most people are spending more of their money and more of their time to satisfy the physical desire for pleasure. Most of us expect advancements and material pleasures to come quickly.

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Let Us Start Saving

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Image via Wikipedia

Our present age is an age of persuasive advertisements and skillful salesmanship, all designed to entice us to spend and sometimes often to spend money we don’t have. If we cannot control them our tendency is to cling to borrowing money from friends, banks and relatives. Credit cards and other kinds of plastic money are available to nearly everyone at eighteen or over eighteen year old. Seductive advertising strives to persuade us that we deserve to have it all and to have it now, regardless of the cost.

Work and thrift are indeed virtues to be exploited, virtues to be admired, virtues vital to the stability of any healthy society, family and individual. So, let’s start saving for our future!

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