Tuesday, January 31, 2012

PhilHealth Letter Regarding Scrap PhilHealth Circular No. 022


The said letter is intended to correct my impression that said circular no. 022 was created by two people. However, instead of rewriting the paragraph found at PhilHealth Circular No. 022 is an Added Burden to The Millions of OFWs Worldwide, I just decided that corrections from PhilHealth should be made available on public.

The paragraph said, "Obviously, the PhilHealth Circular No. 022 was created by two people: Dr. Eduardo P. Banzon and MA. TERESA A. QUIAGIT and approved by them without the approval of other Board Members and other Executive Officers of PhilHealth. It was created on December 15, 2011. The said circular is not only addressed to the 11 million+ OFWs around the world but also to all the Filipinos in Philippines. To read the said Circular No. 022 visit the link PhilHealth Circular No. 022."

I found the letter with good intentions and this article will serve as my acceptance and approval. Above is a scanned copy of the said letter I received on January 30, 2012 at around 12:41PM Saudi Time dated January 27, 2012.

As of this writing there are already 660 Filipinos have joined the petition and yet still very far to 1-M target-ted signatures – so if you are a Filipino living in Philippines and abroad you are hereby invited to join the said petition – go to this link No to PhilHealth Premium Increase Scrap Circular No. 022. And if possible share this call to your family, relatives, friends and friends of friends around the world!


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