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Saudi Arabia is Strong and Powerful

Aramco, the Saudi national oil company, whose ...

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In 1902, a young man of distinguished courage and ability defended his family against enemies: he who would die for his right and obligations to his country: he arrived from Kuwait. He was the son of the ruling Saud. His name was Abdul Aziz Al – Rahman bin Faisal Al – Saud.

At the age of 19, he began the re conquest of his family’s former lands. With forty men he courageously combated and re conquered his family’s kingdom. He captured Riyadh, the present capital of Saudi Arabia, and the territory around it, ruled by Al – Rashed. He killed Rashed by a sword. At once he proclaimed himself as the new ruler. That period also marked the new dawn and hope for Arabia.

In 1913, bin Saud, as he became known, seized the Persian Gulf coastline between Qatar and Kuwait from the Turks. By 1922, he ruled the whole of Central Arabia. In 1926, bin Saud conquered Hijas that is the Red Sea coast. And in the 1930s, oil was discovered – the most vital asset that brings economic and cultural changes to the country.

On September 23, 1932, King Abdul Aziz, formally declared Arabia under the named of the “Kingdom of Saudi Arabia,” for what had been a union of regions comprising Najd, Hijas, Asir and Al – Hasa. The kingdom of Saudi Arabia became the blessed paradise in where people live to enjoy and be proud as one in culture, customs, and tradition and in faith.

In 1933, the first oil concession was granted to the California – Arabian Oil Company, the forerunner of Aramco. With the discovery of oil in commercial quantities in 1938, Saudi Arabia stood in the doorway of wealth and had the opportunity to modernize its infrastructure and economic life. Today, Saudi Arabia has the largest oil reserves in the world.

During his powerful leadership, many impacts of innovation followed. With his friendly approach, Saudi Arabia opened its door to foreign countries: that marked the many changes, which would occur. Hundred of the investors arrived with expertise and dedication. Hundreds of contract workers from other countries had come to Saudi Arabia to join forces and helped to develop the kingdom.

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