Monday, January 10, 2011

My Way to Stardom

Every time I hear and see fantastic singers who sing beautifully, I also wish that one day, I would become one of them!

A Successful Singer

Wikipedia_Harry Belafonte 1954

Wikipedia_Harry Belafonte 1954

Aside from my blogging hobby and writing online with some paying sites, I also had dreamed to become a successful singer. Yes. That's one of my big dreams when I was still a young boy.

Hard Work to Reach My Goal

My favorite Saying: "Dream Big and don't stop without giving it a chance to come true." I need to work hard the best I could to reach what I am wanting to become.

The video - is the evidence that I already hit my dream. My video - My Way - Paul Can Sing Too!.

Paul Can Sing Too

May 4 to16 June 2010 Vacation

May 4 to16 June 2010 Vacation

Last May 4, 2010 to June 16, 2010 were one of my most memorable moments during my vacation. I had enjoyed primarily on bonding with my family, friends and relatives.

On that moments of joy, tears were falling from my eyes for happiness while I was singing from the bottom of my heart - my favorite song "My Way".

Now my own interpretation of "My Way" is already on you-tube. And at least there are already some people wasting their times watching it. Happy of course, because my dream came true. Paul can sing too!

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